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Work-Life Balance – The New Equation

work-life balance tips

It's safe to say today's work environment is significantly different from what it was a few years ago. The fact is, what previously worked to help employees achieve work-life balance simply won't cut it anymore. In order to deal with the new realities and challenges of the remote and hybrid workplace, as well as increased levels of employee stress and burnout across all industries, it's critical to shift your approach to supporting work-life balance among your workforce.

Why is this such an important consideration for business leaders? Work-life balance is key to employee satisfaction, employee retention, and increased productivity. Here are some tips that you, as an employer, can adopt to navigate this new world and restore employee work-life balance.

Acknowledge and Understand the New Normal

A large portion of employees now work from home either full time or part time, and the boundaries between work life and home life can blur. Adjusting to remote work, the lack of face to face interactions and the responsibility for childcare was difficult at the beginning of the pandemic, and now returning to the office can be just as stressful. In this new work environment, employees can easily feel overwhelmed and overworked so it is essential for employers to acknowledge these challenges, empathize, and support employees in these challenging times.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Keeping the lines of communication open is key. Regular and timely communication, promoting conversations, and virtual team meetings to build trust and maintain team camaraderie will help employees everywhere remain connected, reduce stress, and promote a healthy work-life balance. Using tools like Slack and Teams can improve communication and connectivity for remote workers. For additional information read Technology Tools That Enhance Employee Productivity and Engagement.

Provide Structure

Establish guidelines and schedules that support remote and hybrid work arrangements regarding workflow and work expectations. This will help employees plan and manage their work-life in a harmonious balance with their personal life. This includes setting a work schedule, establishing boundaries, designating a workspace, and allowing for meal and rest breaks.

COVID-19 has impacted the work settings of many organizations, and will have lasting effects for years to come. It can be challenging for employers trying to manage, maintain, and promote a healthy work-life balance for their teams. If you need assistance in this area, we are happy to help!


Premier HR Solutions is an Austin based HR consulting company providing human resource services to emerging companies. Whether your company employs 5 people or 500, we can provide additional human resource assistance to help you grow or manage your business. If you have any questions about this topic or any other HR or recruiting-related questions, we are happy to help. Schedule a free consultation using the link below.


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