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Aziz Azarifi

Co-Founder | Snacks Partners Int’l Inc/ Medbar-Mediterranean Nutrition Bar

Being a startup, we couldn’t afford to make a single wrong hire! The Premier HR team was able to define the right profiles that would fit our development stage, identify, screen and recommend candidates within a short time frame. We also appreciated their follow up to ensure proper induction and integration... Exactly what we sought in true partners.

Jared Holman

Vice President | Human Resources, Pinnergy

I have worked with Premier HR Solutions for several years and they definitely know how to hire the best candidate.  Their team knows how to identify key talents when recruiting and locates the best candidates.  Premier HR Solutions provides more than recruitment services, they are a trusted partner who is always looking to find the best candidate, not just fill a position.  If you need help with recruitment, whether it is for one or multiple positions, I would recommend contacting them.

Tom Moon

Director of Operations | Picnik Restaurants

The Premier HR Solutions team has been an amazing support to our business. Starting small, we needed quite a bit of guidance in setting up a good HR framework. Premier has given us everything we've needed, and more, with complete professionalism and timeliness. We also used their Employee HR Hotline service and it has been an incredibly helpful tool for our small, but growing company. By providing this resource to our employees, we have improved our company's culture of proactive problem solving and solution finding. The hotline has also been a useful resource for our management team, in providing objective guidance through challenging personnel issues. It provides us with the experienced perspective that is so useful in handling these issues with confidence. I would recommend this resource to any company in need of HR support.

Jason Brown

President & CEO | Dragon Projects

My firm provides Payroll & Benefit Services for small to mid-sized organizations. This means we get pulled into HR-related situations on a regular basis. Our partnership with Premier HR allows us to assist in those situations without having to in-source that ability! They have always been responsive and the projects we have worked on together have been completed professionally and on-time. I am very happy with our partnership!

Natalie Morgan

Senior Director Of People | CareerPlug

We contacted Premier HR Solutions to help us with a compensation market analysis project. The Premier HR team was professional, kind, and so helpful as they walked us through our first formal compensation project. We couldn't have done it without them!

Matthew Long

President and Principal | Cayetano Development

Great experience. Premier HR presented us several quality candidates for an Exec Assistant role, and we made a good hire. They did all the job posting and pre- screening. Saved us a ton of time. So worth the money!

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