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HR Services

HR Services

How We Work



Up to 5 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Up to 10 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Up to 15 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Up to 20 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Based on consulting hours

✓ We provide a customized plan tailored to your business needs.

Monthly HR Service Plans

Interested in a monthly subscription? Choose from four flexible options, or we’ll customize one to fit your needs!

HR Services for growing businesses

Expert HR Support

Customized For Your Business

Every business has different HR needs and challenges—and even those may change from one day to the next. That’s why we provide more than 20 HR services to choose from, a fully customized approach, and even a monthly subscription option, so you can decide exactly what type of support your business needs to succeed.

When you partner with us, your dedicated HR Advisor will work closely with your leadership team to improve your people processes, enable employees to perform their best, and ensure your business is protected from compliance risk. 

How To Use Your HR Advisor

How can we support your success? Here are just a few ways your dedicated HR Advisor can help manage your human capital.

Detailed Service Descriptions

Click on each option below to read an in-depth description of some of our most in-demand HR services. These are available as part of a Monthly HR Service Plan or on an as-needed basis.

store HR documents online

Securely Store HR Documents, All In One Place

HR procedures and templates

Access Vetted HR Templates, Forms, and Other Resources

Simplify your billing management

Simplify Billing Management &

Contact With Your HR Advisor

Benefits Of Our Integrated HR Platform


Integrated HR Platform


​When you subscribe to a Monthly HR Service Plan, you’ll also gain access to our exclusive online platform that enhances your HR operations and streamlines communication with your HR Advisor. 

free hr consultation

Complimentary HR Consultation

We begin with a complimentary, 30-minute virtual meeting to understand your “people” needs and determine how we can help you.

HR Assessment

HR Assessment


Next, we perform a 90-minute, in-depth assessment. During this process, we review key functions of your people processes to identify any compliance or best practice concerns and provide recommendations for addressing them.

Monthly hr plan

Customizing Your Services


Then, we create a service plan tailored to your business, which may include customized HR projects (such as creating an employee handbook, developing Standard Operating Procedures, or providing workshops) and/or a Monthly HR Service Plan.

Additional HR Services

Launch HR Projects and/or Monthly Plan

Once we finalize your service plan, we host an onboarding meeting to connect with your key decision-makers, solidify final details, and exchange feedback to ensure a smooth start. Then, we will complete our recommended projects and launch your Monthly HR Service Plan if applicable.

Need more HR consulting hours or services? You can purchase them as needed!

Ready To Improve Your HR Operations?

✓ HR Advisory Role

✓ Offboarding & Termination

✓ New Hire Onboarding

✓ HR Management Technology

✓ Evaluating Employee Performance

✓ Employee Coaching & Counseling

✓ Risk Management

✓ Leadership Development

✓ Leave Requests

✓ Workplace Incidents & Injury

✓ Employee Engagement & Retention

✓ Recruitment Forms & Processes

Want even more ideas? Download this comprehensive list of exactly how we can serve you!

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