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HR Services

HR Services

How We Work



Up to 3 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Up to 6 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Up to 12 hours / month

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

✓ HR Platform Access

✓ Virtual Monthly Meeting



Consulting hours ranges

✓ We provide you with a tailored plan suited for your business needs.

Service Plan Options

HR Services for growing businesses

What We Do

Each monthly service plan includes a specific number of consulting hours that you can use each month. You have the flexibility of determining how you want to use these hours in ways that best suit your HR operational needs. As a monthly subscriber, you will also gain access to our Integrated Premier HR Platform. This online portal hosts our HR management guides, templates, and resources to run your HR department. Streamline and facilitate with your dedicated Premier HR advisor.

How To Use Your HR Advisor

Additional Services

store HR documents online

Your Organization's Specific HR Documents

HR procedures and templates

Vetted HR Procedures, Templates, and Forms

Simplify your billing management

Simplified Billing Management

Benefits Of Our Integrated HR Platform

Our Integrated HR Platform

free hr consultation

Complimentary HR Consultation

We begin by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute virtual meeting. The goal of the meeting is to understand your “people” needs and discover how we can help you.

HR Assessment

Conduct HR Assessment


Next, we will perform a 90-minute in-depth assessment. During this process, we review key
functions of your people
processes in order to
identify any compliance or
best practice concerns and provide recommendations.

Monthly hr plan

Begin Monthly Plan or Customized Project

After the HR Assessment, we will complete HR projects and then launch your monthly service plan. Once we finalize your service plan, we launch your service with our onboarding meeting. The purpose of the onboarding meeting is to meet with key to solidify final details and exchange feedback to ensure a sooth start.

Additional HR Services

Additional Services Can Be Purchased

If you need additional hours in the future, you can purchase them as needed. We know every business is at a different stage of development, which is why we also offer a mix of other HR Services which you can choose from.

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