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Technology Tools for Managing Remote Workers

technology tools for remote workers

Many employers have been required to transition their employees to work remotely from home in an attempt to reduce the spread of the recent Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. This has caused many managers and administrators to scramble to research and incorporate technology tools they can use to communicate effectively with their employees and maintain productivity. Good news! There are lots of great online tools in the market today that employers can use in managing remote workers to keep business going as usual.

I will breakdown some of the most popular technology tools used by remote workers today and how they solve certain challenges associated with managing remote workers.

Project Management Systems

Project management tools help your team organize documents, tasks, and timelines. They are an effective way to oversee the progress of individuals on certain tasks to ensure those project deadlines are met. Some of the features included in project management systems include collaboration, task management, file sharing, and reporting. Here are some popular project management platforms:

Team Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration tools help employees communicate and collaborate quickly and effectively. Some of the features they offer include messaging, audio and video conferencing, task management, document management, calendar integration, and time tracking. Here are some of the most popular team collaboration platforms:

Cloud Storage Services

Using a cloud storage service is a perfect way to share documents and multimedia files that are too large to email. Some important features to look for include high-level security, automatic syncing, and storage capabilities. Some of the most popular cloud storage tools include:

Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing promotes overall team collaboration by boosting productivity and saving time. Many video conferencing platforms provide screen sharing, group video conferencing, group chats, and call in capabilities from your phone or computer. Some also have mobile capabilities through their mobile app and the ability to record your video sessions. Here is a list of the most popular video conferencing tools:

By researching and implementing the right technology tools that best suit your specific business needs, you will create an environment for your remote workers that keeps them engaged and productive.

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