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Winning the NEW War for Talent

how to win the war for talent

Although the recent pandemic has caused an increase in unemployment, the war for talent continues. Even though the US is reporting an unemployment rate of 10.2% (July 2020) there are still many jobs that are difficult to fill. Here are a few startling statistics:

  • Recent surveys found that “talent shortage” is considered a key barrier to achieving business outcomes.

  • An extensive new Korn Ferry report finds that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them.

  • A recent recruiting report by ManpowerGroup stated that the hardest skills to find are in these areas:

    • Sales-sales representatives/managers/graphic designers

    • IT-cybersecurity experts, network administrators, technical support

    • Engineering-chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical

    • Accounting & Finance-certified accountants, auditors, financial analyst

    • Healthcare-doctors, nurses, and other non-nursing health professionals

So why is there still a shortage of talent? Well, there is a gap in skilled workers, especially in the tech space and jobs in the automation and digital transformation fields.

With the change in unemployment and an abundance of job candidates applying for jobs, there are new considerations for winning the war for talent post-COVID-19. Employers face different challenges in the “New War for Talent” and must adapt their recruiting and employee retention strategies to meet the change in the current market.

What are these new challenges and how can you revise your recruiting and retention strategies to overcome these challenges?

Click below to download How to Win the War for Talent Post-COVID-19; your guide to developing a workforce plan, pitching your company and hiring the best.

Winning The War For Talent
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