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When Should You Consider Outsourcing Recruiting?

There are several benefits to outsourcing recruiting

Recruiting is an art of developing relationships and finding quality candidates. And the truth is, effective recruiting requires a significant amount of time, resources, and a specific skill set. Organizations often choose to do their recruiting and hiring functions in-house, but there are several benefits to outsourcing both.

Outsourcing can save you valuable time and resources, while also decreasing turnover rates and boosting organizational performance – keep reading to find out more and how Premier HR Solutions can help.

Five Reasons to Outsource Recruiting

1. Outsource Recruiting for Key Positions

Key positions are unique, complex, and have a major impact on your business operations and revenue goals. Since these positions are critical to the overall success of your organization, it could be worth spending the time and resources to outsource your recruiting and hiring so you hire right the first time.

2. Improve Your Hiring Results

Recruiting top talent requires a unique set of skills for vetting, interviewing, and selecting the most qualified job candidates. In-house hiring managers and even some HR professionals are not adequately trained in these specific hiring and selection techniques. A seasoned and effective recruiter can improve your hiring results by identifying the traits needed for success on the job, developing interview questions that yield predictable responses, and more – they will only present the job candidates that are most likely to succeed in the role.

The quality of your applicant pool is also important to consider when recruiting. Professional recruiters have the time, resources, and skills to search for job candidates in addition to reviewing those who have applied for the job listing. This process is known as “sourcing” and it is the most critical part of the recruiting process. Doing it effectively requires specific skills and knowledge related to job requirements and labor market analyses.

3. Shorten Your Time to Fill Positions

Since many organizations are not large enough to have an in-house, full-time recruiter, the recruiting and hiring process is often left to managers. These individuals have many other job duties so recruiting often becomes another task to fit in with other daily responsibilities, making it a low priority and slowing down the entire hiring process.

In comparison, an outsourced recruiter can solely focus on filling your open positions, identifying the key skills and competencies of each job, and conducting interviews. This makes the selection process for new candidates easier and more efficient for your entire team.

4. During Business Expansion

Outsourcing your recruiting and hiring might be a great option during a period of growth or expansion for your business. Having an external recruiter will allow your team to focus on the other aspects that come with company expansion (training and onboarding new hires, etc.) and also decrease the amount of time it takes to fill positions – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Save Money

This may initially seem counterintuitive, and you might even be wondering “Can we afford the cost of outsourcing recruiting and hiring?” However, consider the cost of a bad hire or not being able to fill a position in the projected time frame. The cost of a wrong hire can equate to 2-3x their annual salary in terms of poor performance and productivity decrease.

Therefore, outsourcing recruiting and hiring can actually save you money and protect your bottom line in the long run by helping your organization hire right and hire efficiently. 

When considering whether or not to outsource your recruiting and hiring functions, remember to take into account your key positions, ideal hiring results, time it takes to fill positions, business growth or expansion, and your bottom line. If you can’t afford to outsource your entire recruiting and hiring operations, focus on key positions or high turnover positions.

It is also worth taking into account the overall cost and disruption to your business operations if you are unable to achieve your desired recruiting results or are experiencing high turnover. In this case, outsourcing might actually save you money! There are so many benefits to getting a new hire right the first time and companies that excel in recruiting generate 3.5 times more revenue than their peers.

And if you’re ready to outsource your recruiting and hiring functions, consider partnering with us at Premier HR Solutions.

How Premier HR Solutions Can Help

Whether you need to find qualified candidates for key roles, quickly fill full-time or temporary positions, or simply want to improve your hiring results, we’re here to help.

If you partner with Premier HR Solutions, you’ll get a team of HR experts on your side with proven strategies for sourcing, attracting, and vetting top talent. We’ll work directly with you to develop and execute a recruiting and hiring plan that is customized to your business, success on the job, current market-based salary requirements, and more!


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