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Managing Remote Workers

Managing remote workers

Managing remote workers comes with unique challenges. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have asked employees to work remotely. This arrangement can be challenging and can cause concern for both managers and employees. How do you maintain engagement and productivity? Here are a few steps you can take to keep your remote workers engaged and productive.


Make sure your remote workers have all the equipment they need to accomplish their tasks. This includes computers, webcams, printers, and scanners.


In order for remote workers to be successful, they need the right technology tools. Here is a shortlist of technology tools for managing remote workers.

  • A VPN connection. This gives your remote workers the ability to access internal files and documents securely.

  • Video conferencing platform. Do your research to determine which platform works best for your business needs.

  • Team communication tool. You will need a place where your remote workers can connect and engage. Don’t forget to establish a virtual space where employees can have non-work related conversations too. It is an important alternative to the break room.

  • Project management software. This is important to ensure project deadlines are met. Some of the features included in project management systems include collaboration, task management, file sharing, and reporting.

  • Cloud storage service. Using a cloud storage service is a great way to share documents and multimedia files that are too large to email.

Business as usual

Establish an expectation of business as usual. Communicate to your remote team that you expect them to work as if they were reporting to work in person. Establish a consistent work schedule with scheduled lunch breaks. You should also continue to conduct your regularly scheduled team meetings through video conferencing.

Conduct regular meetings

It is very important to establish weekly or daily one-on-one meetings with your remote employees. This is a time to review work assignments, establish deadlines and check-in to see how they are managing during this transition.

Working remotely doesn’t mean a loss of productivity or employee engagement. In fact, many studies show an increase in productivity if the right steps and technology tools are established. If you would like to review more resources for employee engagement, visit our website at

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