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5 Key Steps in Recruiting Post COVID-19

how to recruit after covid-19

What does the future look like in staffing your operations? Most likely the future doesn’t look like it did prior to COVID-19. Now is the time to assess your hiring needs and create a new talent acquisition plan. You must first begin with assessing your hiring needs based on both your operational needs and your budget requirements. Once you have a good understanding of your company’s needs, you are ready to create a new talent acquisition plan. Here are 5 key steps in recruiting post-COVID-19.

Creating a new talent acquisition plan involves the following steps:

1. Identify Essential Roles

When developing a talent acquisition strategy, begin by identifying the most essential roles you will need to hire in the near future or remainder of the year. Some of the essential roles of your company may have changed since COVID-19, especially if your organization experienced a change in business operations. When operations change or slow down, you may determine that some essential roles can be combined or eliminated. With the slowdown of business operations, you may be able to create hybrid positions where employees are performing duties from multiple jobs.

2. Prioritize Hires & Open Requisitions

Once you have identified the essential roles, you then need to prioritize future hires and open requisitions based on their importance to your operations. Prioritize based on the budget forecast and the actual profit and loss. Your priorities may need to be adjusted each month based on your financials.

3. Plan for the Influx of Job Applicants

As the market floods with unemployed candidates, you need to prepare for an influx of job applicants. You will need to determine how to manage these applications to fill the positions in a timely manner. Prior to COVID-19, we were struggling to find top talent. Now expect to be inundated with an overflow. Make sure you have a well-defined screening and selection process to ensure you are selecting the most qualified candidates. Now might the time to implement pre-hiring assessments.

4. Identify Who Will Manage Your Recruiting

This may have changed if you were forced to reduce your human resource or management staff. What role will management and key employees have in the screening and selection process? Do you have the bandwidth internally to manage critical, time-sensitive positions or should you consider outsourcing recruiting to a recruiting firm to help you fill critical roles? Recruiting firms have the resources to process large quantities of applicants to fill positions quickly.

5. Create a Timeline for Filling Positions

Lastly, create a recruiting timeline that includes when you need to begin recruiting to fill the positions on time. Review previous “time-to-fill” records to determine the time it takes to hire each position to help you determine when you should begin recruiting to hit your target timeline goals.

Recruiting post-COVID-19 may look different, but by taking the time to create an effective new talent acquisition plan you are setting up your company for success. If you need assistance with recruiting or any other HR-related service, we are here to help. Click on the link below to speak with one of our HR Advisors or Recruiting Managers today.


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