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4 Ways to Recruit Out-of-State Talent to Relocate to Austin

Recruit job candidates to austin

In this two-part series, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to recruit out-of-state talent. Part one reviews the many ways you can woo job candidates to the Austin area, while part two will give you practical tips for handling relocation offers with potential employees.

It’s no secret that the Austin metro area is booming. Recent job growth reports show a steady upward climb: most recently, Austin clocked in at 16th in the nation for overall job growth. With record-low unemployment rates and a rapidly-changing recruitment atmosphere, Austin-area businesses are experiencing the double-edged sword of a booming economy. On the one hand, companies are growing and there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. On the other hand, it’s harder than ever to find top talent to help your business continue to thrive.

So how do you find the best individuals to propel your company forward? It’s time to start getting creative with recruiting and start looking outside of the Austin area for your next top employees. The good news? The Austin area isn’t a tough one to sell. Here are some ideas to help you pitch relocating to your top job candidates.

1. Highlight Austin’s Economy

Many job seekers who are willing to relocate are from areas with slow-growing economies and little opportunity for moving up. As Austin’s tech sector and other industries continue to boom, job seekers will be wooed by the chance to supercharge their careers and advance in their Field. Even job seekers from similarly hot economies like Austin’s will find the area refreshing: the cost of living is still lower than the Bay Area (hello, tech and STEM talent!) and many other parts of the country.

2. Get Them Connected

Relocating is overwhelming. Make it clear in the initial conversations that you intend to make the process easier for your applicant if they choose to move for your o􀃠er. Connect them with a local realtor you’re familiar with and give them the names and numbers of a few people you trust to give them a glowing review of Austin. By giving the candidate a chance to ask a few local experts about their experience living and working in Austin, you’re showing that you care about their job and life satisfaction.

3. Talk Up Austin’s Culture and Entertainment

When it comes to arts, culture, and entertainment, it’s hard to beat Austin’s vibe. From world-class music festivals and events like SXSW and Austin City Limits to stunning art museums and galleries, Austin has it all. Make sure to highlight the gems that Austin has to o􀃠er to your prospective employee.

4. Don’t Forget Liveability

Austin has been ranked number one in livability by publications such as U.S. News, and frequently tops lists of the best places to live in the nation. In your pitch material to potential hires, be sure to draw their attention to Austin’s livability. From fantastic schools to walkable neighborhoods, Austin can be an attractive option for relocation. And that’s on top of delicious tacos, excellent bars and restaurants, and exhilarating nightlife.

5. Need help Finding your next employee?

Get in touch. Our customized recruiting strategy will help you find the best applicants and hire your next top performer.


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