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2021 Will be a Busy Year for Hiring Professionals

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According to a recent study conducted by the American Staffing Association, job seekers appear to have a sense of optimism surrounding the future of employment and job-related opportunities despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Their 2020 Candidate Sentiment Study found that 80% of active and passive job seekers foresee themselves working for a new company within the next 12 months.

The survey shows a slight majority of candidates (57%) are satisfied with their current employment; however, the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to consider other employment opportunities and work arrangements. Preferred work arrangements have changed significantly since the onset of the pandemic. The study found that 69% of job seekers consider remote work opportunities more attractive than in-office or onsite positions. The study also found that 44% preferred to work as an independent contractor and almost 32% were more open to finding temporary work through a staffing agency. These findings suggest that the post-pandemic workforce is looking for new opportunities that can provide them with job flexibility and more security. They want pandemic-proof employment and they are open to looking outside the box to get it.

What does this mean for employers seeking job candidates?

According to new research by the online HR resource site XpertHR, employers consider hiring and recruiting as the highest workplace challenge of 2021. The unemployment rate is likely to remain high and with roughly 80% of the workforce expected to seek new employment in 2021, HR professionals and recruiting specialists will have their hands full.

Employers looking to recover after the 2020 economic downturn, are turning to talent acquisition to give their business the best potential for success. Some of the main challenges in talent acquisition are going to be in providing highly sought-after benefits that attract qualified and skilled applicants, sorting through the high volume of applications, and providing a safe and secure workplace, among others.

In order to hire successfully, companies are going to have to differentiate themselves by focusing on issues that matter most to job candidates now. When recruiting and hiring, highlight your company culture and values, and provide information about flexible work arrangements (if available) and the steps your company is taking to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Attention to these details will go a long way in setting your company apart from the rest in order to attract top talent.

For more information about recruiting and hiring or if you are looking for assistance with recruiting for your company, we can help. We offer premier HR and recruitment services to help you manage your growing team. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our recruitment specialists. As an added resource, download a free copy of our guide, “When Should You Outsource Recruiting” below.

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