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Is Your Hiring Approach Wrong?

How to know if your hiring approach is wrong

Companies today have to hire outside their organization more than ever before. Today’s employees are more mobile and not as loyal. They don’t stay employed with companies lifelong or even long periods. Technology has made it easier to find, connect and lure employees away from your company which results in more job vacancies.

What does this have to do with hiring? Well, your traditional methods of recruiting may not cut it today. You may have a smaller pool of candidates due to the healthy job market and those applying may not have all of the experience and skills required for the job. If you continue with traditional hiring methods, it will most likely result in poor hiring. Here are four changes you can make immediately if you are not satisfied with your hiring methods.

1. Expand Your Sources

Increase your pool of candidates by expanding the sources where you obtain these candidates. Most likely you are posting jobs on one of the popular job boards. That is fine, but expand your advertising to include your social media channels and your business networks. Send your job postings link to business colleagues, friends and even vendors and ask your employees to do the same.

2. Offer Rewards

Send employees announcements each time you post a new position and initiate a job referral cash incentive for employees who refer you candidates.

3. Use Technology

Invest in technology to find passive job candidates who are not actively applying for jobs. This may be expensive, but it will definitely increase your candidate pool. A word of caution. This method is very time-consuming and requires skills in searching and communicating with job candidates to get them interested so hiring a recruiting specialist to help you in this area could be beneficial.

4. Revisit Job Requirements

In today’s market, you must have realistic job requirements. You may need to reduce the number of years of experience required. Identify the “must haves” versus the “nice to hire” job skills. A person’s ability and attitude towards learning may be a better indicator of job success than someone who is closed minded with more experience and skills. People are typically hired for their skills and experience but they can prove to be a bad hire if their behaviors and traits are not in alignment with your company culture.

In conclusion, there is no one magic method for improving your hiring, but implementing one or some of these four strategies can help put you and your business on the right track to hiring successfully.

For more information on this topic reference my book People Power: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Human Capital available now on Amazon!

If you have any questions about this topic or would like assistance with HR or recruiting services, let us know. We are happy to help. Schedule your free consultation today!

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