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Is Diversity in the Workplace Enough?

diversity in the workplace best practices

Most organizations have realized the need for diversity and are actively supporting initiatives to promote diversity in the workplace, but is diversity enough? Will all of those initiatives and efforts give you the desired results? Not necessarily.

Just having a diverse workforce doesn’t guarantee that you will have the positive outcomes and business success associated with it.

What’s missing or what else needs to be done?

Key Factor in Diversity & Inclusion

The key factor here is understanding and leveraging the potential of this diversity. One thing that diversity experts unanimously agree on is that diversity without inclusivity is useless. It is a missed opportunity.

Diversity and inclusiveness, though sometimes used synonymously, are not the same. Diversity addresses only one angle of the spectrum – representativeness. If you don’t have a work environment that fosters equality and inclusivity, then you won’t stand a chance to succeed in your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts.

What is Inclusion and how does it complement diversity?

A diverse workplace has a heterogeneous mix of employees; an inclusive workplace promotes and sustains a sense of belongingness and a respect for the talents, beliefs, and backgrounds of employees. When developing D&I initiatives, consider the following:

  • Company Culture – Inclusion is about the culture in your organization. Facilitating connection, participation, and collaboration are the hallmarks of inclusive workplace cultures.

  • Promote Involvement – Inclusion is about promoting employee involvement and empowerment by recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of employees.

  • Top Management Buy-In – Inclusion is achieved when top management is committed to creating a workplace that listens, provides opportunities for open dialogue, and promotes employee engagement.

Diversity and inclusion should go hand in hand. A diverse workforce with varied perspectives, innovative ideas, creativity, and problem-solving skills coupled with an inclusive environment that fosters belongingness, empowerment, and mutual respect is a winning combination. To have this winning combination D&I initiatives should remain where it really belongs – at the center of an organization aligning with the strategic outlook of the organization. For more information on this topic visit our blog: “5 Reasons Why Diversity in the Workplace Matters”.

If you need assistance with designing, implementing, and/or promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives in your company or organization, we can help. We can provide HR consulting, training, and recruiting services tailored to the needs of your organization. Click on the link below to schedule a free consultation to speak with one of our HR Advisors today!


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