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How Employee Assessments Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

What are Pre-Employment Assessments?

Pre-employment assessments are given to job candidates prior to hiring to determine different traits, behaviors, and skill sets, as well as other knowledge and information that is relevant to the position so HR managers can make more informed hiring decisions.

These types of assessments can be beneficial for both the employer and job candidate as it helps ensure job fit and company culture aptitude prior to hiring, or even prior to an initial interview. They can provide information that isn’t available on a resume or job application, or can even be gathered through a one-on-one interview.

In fact, 78% of resumes contain misleading statements and since interviews are so subjective, they are not always the best indicators of actual job performance. In comparison, if properly developed and validated, pre-employment tests can objectively determine a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well at any job.

Pre-employment assessments have a multitude of benefits. They can dramatically reduce the time spent on the hiring process, bad hires, and turnover while also increasing the quality of hires, employee retention, and strength of the organization as a whole by hiring individuals who are more likely to succeed in their new roles.

Pre-employment assessments can also aid hiring managers and HR departments in streamlining the hiring process and ensuring your organization’s hiring practices are fair.

How Can You Properly Implement Pre-Employment Assessments?

It’s important to understand best practices for pre-employment testing if it’s something you’re considering implementing into your organization’s hiring process. Follow these steps to ensure that your process is fair and effective:

  1. Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to the specific job – this information is essential for developing a test or series of tests that will be effective in identifying and sorting qualified candidates.

  2. Use the same test or series of tests for all applicants who apply to the same job – consistency is key in pre-employment testing to ensure you’re working off of the same baseline for all qualified candidates.

  3. Use pre-employment testing as just one factor in the overall hiring & selection process – these tests should be weighed against all other relevant information provided by the applicant such as resume, references, interview performance, etc.

If you need help implementing pre-employment testing or with any of your other recruiting, onboarding, and HR needs – schedule a time with Scholley Bubenik at the link below to see how Premier HR solutions can help.


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