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Recruiting Services

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Through conversations with your hiring managers your dedicated recruiting team will develop a tailored recruiting plan. We will discuss the current job market and salary requirements for the positions you are looking to fill.

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Recruiting Made Easy

A dedicated recruiting manager, recruiting assistant, and HR advisor work together to develop and execute a recruiting plan tailored to you. Through our conversations and meetings with your hiring managers, we dig deeper and gain an understanding of what success on the job looks like for your open positions. We will also educate you on the current job market and salary requirements for the position you are seeking to fill. We offer solutions for full-time and temporary placement recruiting.

Premier HR Right Source Recruiting Method

How We Work

free recruiting consultation

Complimentary Recruiting Consultation

We begin by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute virtual meeting. The objective of the meeting is to understand your hiring and recruiting needs, including goals for the job.

Talent mapping

Conduct Talent Mapping & Market Salary Analysis

Next, we identify what the ideal candidate profile looks like for the specific role. We also conduct a detailed compensation analysis to determine the market salary for the position and create a detailed job description.

help interviewing candidates

Begin Sourcing & Interviewing Candidates

At this stage, we conduct a comprehensive candidate search through both phone and behavioral interviews. We ask questions relevant to the specific needs of the job and get a feel for cultural fit with the company after multiple touches. 

help with reference checks

Offer, references, & background check

Hiring managers will be provided with a detailed candidate comparison report so that they can weigh options of each potential new employee side by side. After that, we assist with finalizing the offer, check references, and do thorough background checks.

compensation research


Ensuring you have a competitive compensation package is instrumental to attracting and retaining top talent. Therefore, our compensation specialist will conduct a market salary analysis specific to your industry and geographic location and discuss the results.

Sourcing the right employees


Your recruiting team will create specific job descriptions and postings and source candidates through searches, job boards and social media platforms.


Once your hiring team has decided on a candidate, we will coordinate and negotiate the offer. We can also conduct background and preemployment assessments.

Hire new employees
Evaluate resume help


Your dedicated recruiting manager, recruiting assistant, and HR manager will screen and conduct phone interviews and behavioral interviews.


During the verification process we will present final candidates to your hiring managers and provide a candidate comparison report which simplifies your selection process. Next we will schedule interviews and continue to correspond with your job candidates.

Verify candidates

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