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Premier HR Solutions
Premier HR Solutions

Ready to improve your people processes

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HR services

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HR Business Partner

​We provide powerful solutions to help business leaders navigate today’s complex HR issues, address challenges, and position their organizations for success.

✓ Compensation

✓ Employee Relations

✓ Employee Training

✓ Management Training

✓ Dedicated HR Advisor

Recruiting Team

✓ Payroll & Benefits

✓ Compliance

Get Expert HR Guidance Through The Whole Employment Cycle

Why Partner With Us?

When you’re growing and scaling your business, you need a champion in your corner who will not only ensure your organization stays in compliance with changing employment laws, but is also attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent to remain competitive. At Premier HR Solutions, our team of highly trained, certified HR Advisors will help maximize your human capital and optimize your bottom line with personalized services tailored to your business.

HR Services and Recruiting company in Austin

HR Services

We know every organization is different. That's why we provide 20+ HR services to choose from as needed, as well as Monthly HR Service Plans, which give you the flexibility of determining exactly how many consulting hours you require each month and how best to use them. Plus, subscribers get access to our Integrated HR Platform, an online portal with valuable resources that also streamlines HR functions.

Recruiting Services

People are your most valuable asset! Our experienced HR Advisors will help your business recruit top talent by working with your hiring managers to understand the job requirements of each position, creating profiles of ideal candidates, providing competitive salary recommendations, and sourcing and selecting the right professionals to join your team. Our Right Source Recruiting Method delivers results.

What We Provide

We provide more than HR Administration. Our solutions streamline HR operations, enhance people policies and processes, and cultivate strong company cultures.

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