Remote Work is Here to Stay

Before COVID-19 only a handful of people worked from home. It was a privilege enjoyed by the few. But COVID-19 forced many companies to provide work from home arrangements for business continuity. Now, many of those companies are considering making remote work permanent. Here are some recent statistics about remote work and telecommuting.

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Austin Ranks High in National Business Survey

Austinites, pat yourselves on the back. Compared to other major U.S. metropolitan cities Austin, TX ranks in the top ten in startups, women-owned firms, minority entrepreneurs, and business owners with STEM degrees, just to name a few. The report also gives interesting insights into what business owners list as factors that negatively affect their profitability. Here are the highlights from the Austin Chamber report.

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Meaningful Changes Through Diversity & Inclusion: Guidelines for Developing a Successful D&I Program
Meaningful Changes Through Diversity and Inclusion

Challenging times call for introspection and proactive actions. The recent events in which voices against discrimination and racism are urging for calls for action are prompting organizations to take a closer look at their employment practices, especially in the area of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). It is time to reinforce your approach or kickstart your diversity and inclusion initiatives in order to take meaningful actions and make meaningful changes. To help you, we have put together some guidelines on how to develop a successful D&I program.

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People Power: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Human Capital​

Bob Lewis
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The best HR book I have read in a long time. Scholley Bubenik, author of People Power: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Managing Human Capital, shares her vast knowledge of the "Human Resource" world. Whether you are a new or seasoned person to the HR profession , you will find this book helpful for the entire HR employee cycle. I started reading Chapter 5 immediately, "The Hiring Process," and gained quick insights and strategies to use right away. This will be a reference book for my office.
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Do yourself a favor and read this book! Scholley Bubenik breaks down skills and strategies developed from 30 years of experience so that you can can be the best at managing your company's greatest asset, your employees. From hiring to increasing employee morale, this book has it all! Do yourself a favor and read this book. You will absolutely walk away with an abundance of HR knowledge and strategy you did not have before.
Myrna F. Flick
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Everything you need to know grow your business with your people power. It's all here in one book - People Power! Having started in HR in 1989 (called Personnel at that time) I've spent 1000's of hours and dollars reading every book on business, leadership, and all the trending topics. People Power is a great read with tools and exercises to see Scholley's advice and expertise in action.
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