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Streamlines the way your business and human resource professionals interact with a dedicated HR Advisor for all of your HR needs.
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Monthly HR Services

Our monthly service plans are designed to provide you with all the benefits of a team of HR experts at a convenient monthly price.

Customized HR Services

Our team of Human Resource Professionals realize that each organization and company is unique with different needs and different workforces.

HR Recruiting Services

Our goal is to find the best solution that fits your needs and grow alongside you. We have HR advisors available to answer your questions regarding employee relations, best practices, and compliance.

Why Premier HR Solutions

Your business is growing, and you need a trusted partner to help manage your most important asset: your people. From employee handbooks to recruiting, we can customize affordable solutions for your company that meet your needs.

Recent Blog Post

Can an Employer Reduce an Exempt Employee’s Salary During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employer can generally reduce exempt employees’ regular salary for certain COVID-19-related reasons. However, the reduction cannot be made after the fact or based on the employer’s day-to-day or week-to-week needs. In other words, exempt employees must be paid their predetermined salary for any workweek in which the employee provided any services.

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4 Tips for Virtually Onboarding New Hires

Virtually onboarding new hires can be quite challenging if not done properly. Technical issues can arise that can reduce employee engagement and make them slow to learn their new job responsibilities. The last thing you want is for a new hire to feel isolated. Here are 4 tips for making your virtual onboarding successful.

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Winning the NEW War for Talent

Although the recent pandemic has caused an increase in unemployment, the war for talent continues. Even though the US is reporting an unemployment rate of 10.2% (July 2020) there are still many jobs that are difficult to fill. Here are a few startling statistics.

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