At Premier HR Solutions, we understand entrusting someone with your HR and recruiting functions is a big deal. That’s why we work directly with each of our clients to personalize every solution we offer and tailor services to your company’s needs. As your business grows, we work to mitigate the stress of HR demands, from staying compliant with changing employment laws to one-off projects such as structuring an employee handbook. With 25 years of HR experience, we’ve earned our clients’ trust when it comes to their human capital needs. Premier HR Solutions is your trusted advisor on everything HR and recruiting, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Your Trusted HR Advisor.

Scholley Bubenik

CEO and Founder

Kristen Parrent

Vice President of Recruiting

Sharon Ely

Senior Consultant and Compliance Expert

Delia Parras

Senior HR Consultant

Sona Koottaveettil

HR Consultant and Diversity Specialist

Emily Fisk

Marketing Strategist

Alik Mock

Operations Strategist

Karolyn Knaack

Legal Counsel

Our Mission

We believe every person deserves effective human resource management to help them realize their potential, and that businesses will thrive when their employees do. Our purpose is to provide business owners with powerful solutions and work with decision-makers to address challenges. Consider us your HR advisor who will work with your management team to achieve your company’s goals.